Sipayik Elementary School

I am writing to inform you of the following actions taken by the Sipayik Elementary School Committee.  After significant time invested in meetings, meeting with all parties involved, and examination of all the existing and past agreements regarding Head Start and Day Care, the Sipayik School Board voted to return the administration of the Head Start and Day Care programs to the Tribal Administration and Council. 

The original Passamaquoddy Tribal Council Resolution regarding the Head Start Grant was #95-02-27-05 and was adopted in 1995. The resolution of 1995 handed over only the administration of the Head Start grant to Maine Indian Education while continuing to be responsible for it. The current grant is in year 3 of 5 of the head start commitment and currently, all funds used are directed to the Passamaquoddy Tribal Council and re-directed back to Maine Indian Education. We intend to provide better organizational operation, and accountability and hand over the administration back to the Passamaquoddy Tribal Government.

The Sipayik School Board has voted on a transitional period from now until August 31, 2022. In addition, The Office of the Head Start has extended the application deadline to June 30, 2022. This would allow Tribal Administration and Council time to implement whatever changes they see fit and begin a new grant year fresh.

Maine Indian Education and the Sipayik School would like to thank past and present employees of the Head Start/Day Care for all the years they have worked with us to provide the educational opportunities they have provided and we wish them all the best in the future.

Maine Department of Education has approved the implementation of a Pre-kindergarten for students at Sipayik Elementary School for the September of 2022. The Sipayik Elementary School Committee believes the Pre-Kindergarten program will provide better emotional and social support for our students and parents and better prepare our students to move into Kindergarten class. The Sipayik Elementary School will be hiring a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and Pre-Kindergarten Ed Tech.

Attached please find the two documents that would show the agreements between the Passamaquoddy Tribal Council at Pleasant Point, the Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy School Committee (also known as the Sipayik Elementary School Committee), and the Head Start Policy Council. 


Dr. Reza Namin


Revised Approved Resolutions: