Wellness Committee

Maine Indian Education Wellness and Nutrition Committee

The Purpose:

  • Make a realistic set of policy language that is appropriate, relevant, and built on relationships.

  • Each school adopts the policy as well as the Joint School Committee.

  • Make changes and adopt the practice as close as we can to the policy.

2023 Goals and Objectives

  • Inclusion of more cultural foods into the school nutrition program.

  • Physical activity- increasing students’ excitement and enthusiasm about being physically active.

  • Focus on students’ well-being- teaching them about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and strategies they can engage in to reduce the effects.

  • Focus on getting students thinking about their health and well-being.


  1. Dr. Reza Namin, Superintendent, Maine Indian Education

  2. Carole Binette, Chair Indian Island School, Secretary Maine Indian Education Joint Committee

  3. Beth Clifford, Curriculum Coordinator, Maine Indian Education

  4. Holly Cleaves, Sipayik Elementary School Committee Member

  5. Lee Francis, Principal, Indian Island School

  6. Jo-Ann Lolar, Indian Island Committee Member

  7. Theresa Sapiel, Vice-Chair Sipayik Elementary School Committee

  8. Daniel Morang, Principal, Sipayik Elementary School

  9. Jane Smith, Principal, Indian Township School

  10. Andrea Sockabasin, Wabanaki Public Health

  11. Eric Altvater, Facilities Manager, Maine Indian Education

  12. Kelly Cookson, Health and Physical Education Teacher, Indian Island School

  13. Nancy Curtis, Health and Physical Education Teacher, Sipayik Elementary School

  14. Tracey Nute, School Counselor at Indian Island School